Horse + Rider

Capture lasting memories with your horse in a unique photoshoot session. Using the natural backgrounds and light of your location, we will work together to put you and your horse at ease and illustrate the connection that you share with him.

Packages begin at $850

Equine Portraiture

I’ll work with your horse at your location to achieve incomparable, hand edited fine art images that you’ll treasure forever. My equine portraits go beyond stiff and traditional poses, rather, they uncover the beauty of your horse to an art form.

Packages begin at $750

Family + Lifestyle

Equestrian photography may be my specialty, but that’s not all! I also offer family, lifestyle, engagement & senior photo sessions! When you choose me to be your family’s storyteller, it is not only an honor, it is one of my greatest passions.

Local shoots Begin at $450

Farm Shoots

Whether you have a breeding farm, sales operation, stallions at stud or all of the above, professional images are a necessity. My farm shoot package covers full scope galleries of large groups of horses, facility & marketing images.

daily rate on sliding scale

Brand Identity

I’ve successfully worked with both equestrian & mainstream brands to bring out the best in their products. I use my extensive background in media & marketing to know exactly what brands are looking for, to produce a full range of product-focused images.

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Ready to Begin?


How long do photoshoots take?

It's safe to set aside one hour for our shoot with one to two horses, and 30 minutes more for each additional horse. I’ll arrive 15-30 minutes before your photoshoot begins to take a quick look around your location and make a plan. Be sure that you’re ready on time, so that we can take maximum advantage of the natural light.

What should I wear?

The short answer is – something you’re comfortable in! Riding clothes and casual streetwear both work well. I find that color in lighter shades often compliment your horse’s coat color better than strong, bright colors, and you can click over to my horse + rider portfolio to see some examples. Do you want to wear a dress? Go for it! Bring two changes of clothes? We’ll use both outfits. If we're working with more than one person for your shoot, make sure that everyone's outfits coordinate subtly, without being too matchy matchy.

Can you help me order prints?

Absolutely! I work with a recommended print vendor that produces very high quality prints in a quick turnaround time - much better than printing at Wal Mart! But wherever you choose to print your photos, I am always available to consult and advise throughout the process.

Do you have any tips on making my horse ready for his shoot?

I certainly do. Make sure your horse is show-ready groomed! Wipe down his ears and nose, and be sure that he’s had a thorough bath and is completely dry BEFORE I arrive. If you're braiding him, be sure he's fully braided too.

If he’s standing for a fine art portrait & there is a space in your barn that allows it, we’ll take his photograph without him wearing a halter or bridle. If needed, I recommend a clean, oiled bridle with neat straps, rather than a halter.

Every subject gets a little nervous for photos, and this includes horses. Consider your horse's mental state before the shoot; let him relax in his stall rather than stand in crossties. If he chews the bit, we'll put the bridle on just before the shoot, rather than asking him to wear it for a long period of time. If your horse isn't comfortable standing for long periods of time, I will make sure we use movement to keep his comfort level steady.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

I'm known for my flexibility and thinking on my feet, so whether you want to take some extra shots, add in your dog or other horses, I am up for all of it!



“Wow ❤️. I have been speechless about the photos. Every time I view then I just can't believe how beautiful they are and all the expressions of joy in her.

I have not been able to pick soon as I can see through my happy tears viewing them I will send a selection.”